Why choose a premium titanium Tactical wallet?

Why choose a premium titaniumTactical wallet?

The feature of titanium and titanium alloy is half as light as steel high strengthstrongly heat- resistancelow temperature resistance and corrosion resistance and other characteristics, keeping its raw color at normal temperature permanently.It is known”the metal of the future”,so it's often used in spaceflightmilitary precision components. For example, it is used to make the shell of rocket engines and artificial satellitesspacecraft, etc, titanium alloy is also known as "space metal".

Because of its corrosion resistance and high stability,that it does not affect its essence even after long-term touch with people, so it will not cause allergy. It is the only metal that has no effect on human plant nerves and taste, and is also known as "biophilic metal".Titanium alloys are also used in many high-end eyeglass frames, watches, EDC knives, tactical wallets, performance parts, crafts and ornaments,etc.
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The biggest drawback of titanium is that it is difficult to extract. This is mainly because titanium can combine with oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and many other elements at high temperature.For example,it is easy to fire in the process of processing.So the extraction and processing of titanium have high demands  of technology, equipment and workshop,that is why there are so few manufacturers that can process titanium products now, which also cause the very high price of titanium .
SiltLake is a professional manufacturer of metal card holder wallets, and certainly won't give up this high-end material of titanium alloys to be used in our wallets and components.
Titanium alloy wallet appear gray gloss,It is dim than ordinary stainless steel in color, so more low-key,this feature can highlight the retro feeling of the wallet well, At the same time, compared with stainless steel, titanium alloy has a hard texture, excellent impact resistance, and good corrosion resistance, it is more durable compared with other metal wallets.
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The surface of titanium alloy can only be gray?Well, you're wrong, we also have a variety of  surface treatments’ technology of titanium,except the raw color of stone wash (grey),it can be made different colors or surface effects by ways of sandblasting, anodizing and other processes for meeting your requirements of color.
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