About the Metal Wallet Manufacturers Story-Siltlake


With passion and professionalism with cardholder wallets

Silt Lake is my hometown name, Now it is also the brand name of our company, My factory is located in Dongguan, China, and SiltLake is a leading supplier of aluminum cardholder wallets in China. 
We are committed to bringing RFID Wallet to every single person, every family, and every industry to experience high-quality fashion life.
At present, the company has a workshop with 5000 sqm, covering Stamped Aluminum, CNC, Anodizing and Parts Assembly, total 4 processing centers. 
With passion and professionalism with cardholder wallets, we aim to enhance the customer brand value to meet the diverse needs of the market. To provide competitive, practical, and innovative products, and solutions.
We look forward to cooperating with global fashion brands and jointly protecting the fruits of our labor and putting an end to fake and shoddy products.



Founder, Now Owns 7 companies, covering the fields of carbon fiber, aluminum CNC, sporting products, craft gifts.


After 5 years in office, the company's performance has increased by 20% every year.


Rooted in the aluminum cnc industry for more than two decades


12 years of sales experience, willing to help customers solve complex problems


Mainly responsible for workshop operation and quality control.