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Main Project 

Strong R&D team and advanced manufacturing process, You can choose advanced carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium materials. from simple money clips to complex tactical wallets, it is easy to find solutions here.

Metal Wallet Manufacturer

Logo Project

Customizing the logo on the product can improve the recognition of the company's products and create a brand effect. Here you can choose a variety of customization methods to achieve the best beautiful.

Metal Wallet Custom

Packaging Project

We have at least 5 years of experience in cooperation with packaging suppliers, and provide a variety of exquisite gift box design solutions for you to choose from, with reasonable prices.

Metal Wallet Gift Box

Parts Project

Experienced purchasing team and quality inspection team, whether it is self-produced or purchased parts, can meet the needs of various accessories matching and ensure consistent quality.

Metal Wallet Aluminum Parts

Start Your Idea

SiltLake has 10 years of experience in producing and processing aluminum CNC products and more than 8 years experience of in overseas OEM production and cooperation. We have mature product customization solutions and OEM manufacturing processes. Please send us your wallet custom request we promise to protect your privacy.