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RFID Metal Wallet

Our strict implementation of ISO9001 quality system standards and the combination of efficient production processes and flexible custom engineering enable us to deliver any rfid aluminum metal wallet projects in short turnaround times and provide excellent product quality.

slim metal wallet

RFID Metal Wallet Minimalist metal wallet design that doesn't take up any space; This RFID wallet is made from premium aluminum and holds up to 15 individual cards. It even features two interchangeable money clips so you can keep cash on hand and accessible when you’re on the go. Ultralight Aluminum Alloy – We use

New Metal Wallet With Pop Up

RFID Metal Wallet The Metal Wallet flexible elastic webbing greatly increases the capacity of the card. It fits the cardholder and can hold 1-15 cards without stretching. The slim wallet is perfect for carrying business cards, credit, and debit cards, etc. The external notch allows you to easily push out the card. There is a stainless

Metal Wallet Credit Card Holder

RFID Metal Wallet This is a new Metal Wallet Credit Card Holder is an innovative concept that combines lightweight construction with ultra durable and secure functionality. Cards are easily accessible with zero damage or wear to the contents. CNC machined from Aluminum and carbon fiber, this individuality wallet is designed to

Minimalist Metal Wallet

RFID Metal Wallet The Minimalist Metal Wallet High-precision integration on the reverse side without screw design: Slim down to the essentials with minimalist real metal or carbon fiber wallet for men. Say goodbye to the bloat and all unnecessary clutter with our front pocket men’s wallet. Enjoy the ultimate combination of functi

Slim Cash Strap Metal Wallet

RFID Metal Wallet This minimalist, premium metal wallet grants split-second access to cards, which can be pulled out without effort via a pull strap. This Wallet looks very sleek and stylish! Not only it lessen the bulk from your pockets but it protects all your cards from unauthorized scans you've been getting compliments on i

New Metal Wallet

RFID Metal Wallet 2022 New Metal Wallet Project 1. Premium Aluminum Rfid Protection; 2. Beautiful appearance design, black more classic; 3. Large capacity space, Easily Holds Maximum 10 Cards; 4. Ultra Light And Slim Wallet Design Makes It Suitable And Comfortable In Your Pocket; 5. The wallet comes in luxurious gift p

Cash Strap Metal Wallet Clip

RFID Metal Wallet One of the top 10 best sales Cash Strap Metal Wallet Clip 1. This card holder wallet is made of Aluminum or Carbon fiber and has a stylish and simple design. 2. The carbon fiber wallet with RFID security has become an innovative alternative to the traditional leather wallet. 3. Can hold up to 12 credit cards an

Classic Metal Wallet Clip

RFID Metal Wallet This RW001 metal wallet is one of the hot-selling wallets of many brands, and it is also one of the many metal wallets we manufacture. This wallet has many different craftsmanships from the lowest end to the high end, which determines its different prices. For example, the material aluminum (now more and more replaced

Metal Wallet RW002

RFID Metal Wallet RFID Aluminum Metal Wallet New Version: This wallet is an early modification design to avoid infringing the patent of metal wallet model RW001.Compared with RW001, there is no difference in use function, but because of the structural change, it needs two main loop elastic belts inside, but the cost is negligible. Und