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Pop Up Wallet

10 Years of professional personalized design custom production metal pop up wallet credit card holder.We has been a leader in custom metal wallet fabrication providing skilled techniques with detailed precision. Our team is here to help guide you through every step of the way. We help you imagine, design, and develop, your final product. We evaluate all details, ranging from materials, hardware, to embellishments, and more.

3K Carbon Fiber Pop Up Wallet

Pop Up Wallet This pop up wallet made of 100% Full Real Carbon Fiber Material,Protect Credit Card RFID Blocking One-piece molding, More perfect surface, and better quality. Clear varnish protection for brilliant shine and long-lasting durability. Silky and easy-to-clean surface.  The money clip is embedded and fixed with scr

Leather Pop Up Wallet

Pop Up Wallet Premium Materials: All pop up wallets are made of high-quality aluminum and full genuine cowhide. Pop-up mechanism Service life reaches 1000,000 times The Pop Up Wallet is a slim and modern wallet designed for convenience and durability while still carrying the essentials. With the built-in pop-up mechanism, you can

Metal Wallet For Pop Up

Pop Up Wallet Metal Wallet For Pop Up Credit Card Holder Custom Design Our Pop up card wallet features a nifty aluminium casing with button to pop your cards out quickly and easily. Fit 5 cards in this area. It also folds out to reveal space for a couple more cards and a handy cash compartment. As a bonus the cards inside of t

Modular Pop Up Wallet

Pop Up Wallet New Modular Pop Up Wallet: 100% Real leather: top-quality leather waxed treated & polished smooth. Rich color hues will develop from daily handling, scuffs & scratches, resulting in a unique “one-of-a-kind” vintage look Nylon lining,No closure Ditch that bulky, back-breaking wallet - Upgrade with

Metal Pop Up Wallet

Pop Up Wallet Aluminum Pop up Slider with RFID blocking technology, With a quality cash elastic strap, Take advantage of the careful design and manufacture of mold tools for your custom metal pop up wallet. High-quality surface finishing services improve your metal wallet aesthetics and functions. We are banned from using inferior

Carbon Fiber Pop Up Wallet

Pop Up Wallet The Best 100% Real Carbon Fiber Pop Up Wallet Credit Card Holder No more worrying about your leather wallet material fading and degrading to the point that it comes off and sticks to your cards and ruining them. slim and sleek design with an easy to press button. Love the feel of the carbon fiber material and it